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We know that feedback and recommendations are important when choosing how to book your holiday. Take a look at what our customers thought of their recent holidays planned by us.


Due to covid, we have had to move our holiday a couple of times, the first time because it was cancelled by the airline and the second, because we couldn't travel. Sian had been amazing. She's spent half her day on the phone sometimes, dealing with the chanegs on our behalf, saving us hours and is always available to talk on the phone whenever I call her. My daughter developed covid (she was fine in the end, just extremely tired) and I mentioned it to Sian very briefly during one of our conversations. A few days later, an adult colouring book of New York city (where we're planning to go) and some pens arrived on the doorstep. Sian had sent them to Enil, knowing she wasn't feeling great. 

It's those little things that make you appreciate just how much she cares about her customers. And I know that she's been working for free since Covid hit, so I don't know how she carries on being so positive, but she is and I'm really grateful. 

Cheryl T and family (18th Feb 2021)

We desperately wanted to book something to look forward to for next year, especially as we have three big family birthdays to celebrate. Our friends recommended Sian as she had booked their holidays for the past two years. We weren't sure what to expect, given the fact that Covid is all anyone can talk about, but Sian was really positive. She listened to everything we had to say and made some fantastic recommendations. The main point for us was that we would have peace of mind when booking. We wanted to be sure that we knew exactly what could happen if we booked and she explained it all so carefully and was extremely dilligent. 

I remain super impressed with how responsive she is, always making herself available to us when we need to ask a question, or just air a travel concern. She even sent us a box of delicious brownies to say thank you for booking and on my sons birthday (which was three weeks later), she had sent a subscription to National Geographic! It's the kind of service that you don't find elsewhere. She goes above and beyond and in these times, having a person to chat to, for me, is essential. I will never book with anyone else.

Webbers (23rd Oct 2020)

Due to Covid, we have had to move our holiday three times. The final time, being a personal choice as we weren't 100% happy to travel. At each point during the decision process, Sian was on hand to answer questions and to help us make our decision. We have been really impressed with the level of service she's shown us, especially considering how difficult this time has been for her and all of the travel industry. 

I am grateful for all of your help Sian, you've been responsive, caring and have even remembered our birthdays during this time. I have no hesitation in recommending you, and have done many times.

Daniel Fass (29th Sep 2020)

When we booked our holiday in January, we were so excited. Our kids have never been to Mauritius before and Sian was able to tell us all about the fantastic things she did whilst there... Giant tortoises and climbing mountains. It was just the thing for our family. 

In March, Sian called us to let us know what was happening with Covid19. We'd heard about it in the news, but didn't give it much thought. I'm so glad she made that call. We were able to move our holiday to the same time next year, without any fuss. Our friends were all complaining that they hadn't heard from or couldn't get hold of their travel agents. That they were on the phone in a queue for hours trying to get their holiday rebooked. I must admit, we felt quite smug. 

Thanks Sian for giving us that upper hand over everyone else ;)

And they'll be booking with you from now on.

David and Emma P (20th Jun 2020)

We booked our holiday with Sian way back in November of last year. It was quite honestly, the trip of a lifetime. 

Even before our trip was officially cancelled, Sian had called us, to talk about the possbilities of what might happen and how we could move forward. So when it got cancelled, it didn't come as a shock and we knew we were already being looked after.

Sian has worked tirelessly throughout this time. Being available whenever we needed to talk about the situation we find ourselves in and has been an absolute Godsend. I am so glad we chose to book with her, because we've now happily rebooked our holiday to next year and Sian has also now helped my parents to book their wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii for next year too.

In times like this, it is essential to make sure you go to the professionals. The people who really care and offer that personal service, because when all is said and done, you never know what's going to happen. 

Sian, you have a customer for life in us. Thank you for your continued professionalism and hard work. 

Jane (02nd Jun 2020)

So grateful for your help Sian with organising what could have been a stressful trip! With three generations of family and having never done a cruise before, I certainly didn't know what to expect, but it had been a dream of my daughters for so long, we decided to take the plunge.

Being welcomed on the boat by our name was amazing and such a great surprise - my niece loved that! I've never been a big Disney fan and when you suggested we combine our Orlando park visit with a cruise, I admit I was sceptical, but I think we actually enjoyed that part the most!

Thank you again for all you did in the run up to leaving and for keeping in touch the whole time. It was very reassuring to know you were on hand.

Elaine (01st Jun 2019)

Vietnam was always one of those places I longed to visit, but it seemed a little intimidating as I didn't know much about the country itself. Then I met Sian at and event and we got talking about it. She was so full of enthusiasm and had such great knowledge about how to have the best experience. I had spoken to a high street agent prior to this and the advice given from them was wholely incorrect and I'm glad I booked with Sian now, because had we gone when the other agency told us to, we would've encountered a lot of rain!

Suzy T and family (02nd Apr 2019)

We came back from our holiday a couple of weeks ago and it was just perfect! From the luxury car that picked us up from the airport, to the elegant room with sea view. It was what we'd hoped for and more. 

Sian even organised a surprise candlelit dinner for two on the beach. It's something we will truly never forget, and never would have had if we'd booked it ourselves. It's those special touches that makes the difference.

Thank you Sian, for creating memories we'll hold on to for a lifetime.

The Thompsons (05th Mar 2019)

Sian helped us find exactly what we were looking for.

We had a vague idea about what we wanted to do in Canada, but her enthusiasm and knowledge was so encouraging that we ended up doing much more than we imagined we could do! She made sure our hotels knew we would be arriving, so no awkward "I can't find your reservation" which has happened to us before when using other platforms... And she also made sure our transfers were private car because she knew I had a weird thing about taking buses.

It's a great thing to have someone so in tune with what you want and to help us at each stage of our journey (even while we were away, I was sending her messages to check things - and she was 100% responsive). She is my go to for all travel now and I have told those I'm closest to, to use her services too, because they're free - so why wouldn't you! Thank you Sian. You're awesome.

Melanie (02nd Feb 2019)

Had the best stag do ever. Would never have had the balls to take 10 mates to Vegas without your help. Thanks :)

James and the dudes (05th Oct 2018)

Having just arrived back from our 'bucket list' trip, it was lovely to be greeted with your card Sian. We were so glad that we booked with you. Thank you for organising the fans and cake for Sarah's birthday and you were right about Trinidad! I was so impressed with your professionalism, and how available you were, especially when we left our documents in the hotel before moving on to Vinales!! Thank goodness we had you to help us.

I have never used a personal travel consultant before, but now I will only ever use your services as you've proved your worth to us so many times over. 

Thank you Sian for making a dream trip, a reality.

Jackie and family (13th Aug 2018)

We needed some help to organise our honeymoon. We always wanted to go to the Maldives, but didn't know which island would work best for us, and we're not the kind of people to just go somewhere and lay on a beach with nothing to do. 

Sian presented this amazing idea, with a trip around Thailand first, something I hadn't even considered - and we got to work with Elephants during this time, which was simply incredible. We then went on to an island called Finolhu - which as Sian described it, suited us perfectly. We had the most fantastic time and real life now seems so dull. 

Thank you Sian

Veronique (03rd Aug 2018)

Sian's advice and experience went a long way in making our Iceland trip as perfect as it could be. We started so badly, with a hiccup at the car hire place (our own fault entirely), but Sian was immediately on the phone helping us to get it sorted and then we were underway!

The little personal touches were really sweet and the details you sent us beforehand really helped us to know where to go and when. We were glad to have the book too, as it showed us the most amazing place to get lobster bisque!!

I love your service Sian, we are die hard fans of yours and will continue to book all of our holidays through you.

Finn and Blake (02nd Apr 2018)

We had booked our Bali holiday last year. By the beginning of May, we had already rebooked our holiday without any stress, thanks to Sian calling us in March. 

Sian has been available whenever we've needed to talk and we've never had to worry about a thing. We'd never used a travel agent before, but now we will never book our holidays any other way, but with Sian.

The best service (20th May 2005)

Sian came highly recommended by a good friend of ours and they weren't wrong. We brought a loose suggestion of a trip and Sian perfected the finer details - suggesting stops that we hadn't thought about. 

We also had access to our itinerary on our phones at all times, which came in handy as I hate carrying bits of paper everywhere.

Sian's concierge team also organised a special treat on arrival at our hotel in San Francisco - which was really thoughtful and unexpected.

Don't book elsewhere - book with Sian.

Lisa and Chris Hill (19th Aug 2002)

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